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What is a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach

Life has bumps in the road, difficult transitions, stressful events or even social situations that can seem overwhelming.

Maybe there is something you have always wanted to achieve that would create a more "healthy" lifestyle or a more meaningful life. Possibly you want to enhance personal growth by gaining a new perspective, feel more grounded and in control.

Some people strive to improve their personal and professional relationships by being able to communicate more effectively.

Just like in sports, athletes have coaches on the sidelines that have vision of the field and coach from a perspective that the player is unable to see.

A Life Coach will help you see all possible perspectives.  By focusing in, we can bring clarity to make honest and authentic choices, and design a path specifically for you to achieve your goal.

Through sessions we can discover your authentic voice, your inner strength and a better understanding of who YOU are. True change comes when we start to transform from within.

The Benefits of a Life Coach

Life Coaches help by understanding their clients' concerns and analyze their current situation to gain clarity on their goals.  They are an outside perspective on an issue or situation and can offer new insight. They can identifying any obstacles, negative habits or behaviors that may be holding someone back from achieving their desired goal or to help navigate them through a difficult time in their life.

Life Coaches are different from Therapist since they deal with the "bumps in the road of life" and help work through them using step by step workable strategies. Life Coaching focuses on the future and moving forward to create a more intentional meaningful life.

Life Coaches are not health care professionals and are not able to diagnose or treat mental health or emotional disorders.

Many interesting studies have been done regarding the beneficial effects of having the guidance of a Life Coach.



Common Issues Clients                seek help with


Lack of Confidence

Feeling unfocused

Transitions and Changes

Social Situations

Lack of Motivation

Feeling Stuck

Inability to Define Direction

Easily Overwhelmed

Fear to Move Forward

Lack of Fulfillment or Happiness





Teens and Young Adults            Common Concerns

Peer Pressure

Social Anxiety

Family & Extended Family


Lack of Self Confidence

Feeling Lost

Lack of Motivation

Undefined Sadness

Finding their Future

Finding Balance

Understanding their Purpose

One on One Therapy

This is a personal coaching session that offers the convenience of an online communication session for busy schedules.

Being in your own surroundings helps to feel relaxed and able to focus on main issues, your goal process and organizing your thoughts to better move forward.


These sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long and a variety of times are available to accommodate those times of the day when you feel ready to talk and sort out life challenges.   

Group Workshop

These Workshops are centered for Teens

to interact as a group in order to gain understanding of themselves and others. We discuss common issues and work on solutions by using different perspectives. 

Dates for this workshop will be posted as they become available

How Can I Help
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About Me

Mitchell Brown

I was born and raised in Michigan spending much of my time with my family traveling around many states, but definitely enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of Michigan.  I am a huge sports fan and grew up playing sports, my favorites being Golf, Football and Basketball. In my younger days, I was on my High School Golf team and Basketball team. Sports and the team connection is something that was inspiring to me. During my summer break from attending Grand Valley University I worked as director for our tri-county youth Golf Tour program. This was a special part of my summer to see the kids' enthusiasm for this sport and the wins and defeats like I had at their age.   I have also worked as an ABA for autistic children.  Working with these children gave me perspective on their behaviors and cognitive function.  Interactively working with my patients on a routine bases helped form a bond and helped them form new positive pathways.  

I have always been curious about the world around me, people, and their behavior and curious to understand it.

After attending Northwood University and graduating from Grand Valley University with a degree in Psychology, I decided to enter into Life Coach training.

I have struggled in my life with anxiety. During my youth was some of the toughest periods.  But through the support of many knowledgeable people, the resources around me and my own trial and error I have found my techniques and coping mechanisms that got me through those times.

These days in my free time I still like to spend time traveling and exploring new places to gain new perspectives and explore the world around me. I enjoy boating and fishing when I can.  I also love trying out new places with friends. I have great enthusiasm and energy that drives me to do what I do everyday!

My Story

How I Can Help You

Life Coach Counselor Therapy Services:

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